1. Johnny Patch in Night of the Blues is up on Void!

    Please validate my 7-12 weeks (I don’t even know anymore) of trying to work on this in between other university classes and assignments and interning and god knows what else. Would really love feedback on what can be improved for the completed printed version!


  2. Assignment is ready for submission - sad to say that this is probably as far as I’m going to get with the city spread for about a week because I am now going home to scan and clean up all the pages so they can be printed in time… And then I kind of need a break from this thing (going to work on my Tournament entry and also an essay that’s due next week before I come back to it). I’ve been working at it on and off for a few months now with an intense patch this week, it’s time for me to do something else before I burn out on it. I want it to be printed for a thing in July/August so it will get done, full colour, covers and all. See how I feel once I get everything else cleaned up though and I might do a bit more tonight.


  3. Still LOADS to go but I think I’ve earned the right to go to bed :I


  4. Me while inking this: http://youtu.be/yjpd9D4Kc4Q


  5. Motherfuckin’ progress up in here. Inking the last page, need to do the two page city spread after that. More important is getting pages 2 and 4 coloured (+all of what I have printed) for assessment. Anything more before then is a bonus because I spent way too long pencilling that spread argh


  6. Accurate representation of how I feel about this comic being due next week. It’ll be done enough to satisfy assessment (just need to colour two more pages which won’t take me long) but I’m sad that some pages might not make it past pencils in time because I keep adding details and making fixes. And posting to tumblr about it.


  7. Hey folks, I am officially open for commissions! You can send a request or questions to my Ask Box. I have a relatively quick turn around, especially once this semester finishes up in a couple of weeks. I can handle most styles and requests people throw at me, but nothing illegal ie. Kiddie porn.

    If you like my art (or me!) but can’t afford to buy anything, I’d appreciate a signal boost :)


  8. Because I CLEARLY need MORE to do - Here is Princess Min for EnterVOID’s Prettiest Princess Speed Death Tournament.


  9. Almost wasn’t going to come into the studio today, but aughhhg it’s finished. Just one more page and covers to pencil and I can start inking. At this stage… I don’t think it’s going to all be inked by the deadline (which is sort of OK, I only need four pages done to completion for assessment), but at least there will be a full story. No matter what the comic will be finished because I want to sell it haha


  10. One page finished!!!! I even got my other friend’s building in there with a billboard on top, right next to the first one. Still a lot of work to go though, for one changing the whole middle block on the right hand page so it’s on more of an angle and takes up more of the road.


  11. I got frustrated and blocked the rest of it out. Now… Just… Details.



  12. Toot toot all aboard the ridiculously slow progress train.

    Obviously I didn’t get in here over the weekend SIGH.


  13. It’s bedtime but before I go you best be checking out this sweet ass comic from Tofu, Majikura and I! Too long in the making. But worth it. Hope you enjoy.


  14. That point in your pencilling when you wonder if your plans for a double page spread that showed a chase across a city was a little too ambitious. Aaaarrgghhhh


  15. I decided to draw this panel because I was feeling crap about the comic and this was a fun panel I wanted to do, but now I am worried that I will never ever top it.